We know it’s unusual for a cash for houses business to host a blog, but we think of it as another outlet for us to offer up the calculated rhetoric of why we’re the best. Our blog will be everything from guides to selling your house and beyond. Our goal is to cover as much useful information for our customers as we can so that when we can’t verbally provide these insights, they can still find them online in the biggest collaboration of knowledge the human race has ever seen.

To start, we have collected  a bit of information about what can lead people to our business so that you don’t feel alone in your circumstances.

Recent Death

Death is a fact of life. It’s an earth-shattering sort of change that will alter so many aspects of your life and on top of all of this, you have to grieve as well. Your top priority at this juncture should be grieving and coming to an emotional plateau so that you can act rationally and make calculated decisions. If you’re worried about a will that demands asset liquidation right off the bat, that is not going to be helping your mental state. The need to sell your deceased loved one’s home can be exceptionally taxing as real estate decisions take a lot of time to consider. If you don’t have that time, it’s best to contact all-cash home buyers like Colorado All Cash. We’re proud to offer a personalized and sensitive approach from a set of compassionate individuals that is unheard of in our industry. We understand that this period of your life is difficult beyond words, let us help you alleviate some of the stress associated with it.


Houses are high-priced commodities. They’ve been considered investments for a very long period of time. With the new tax bill being implemented, that has changed somewhat. There is a new clause that prevents homeowners from writing off their mortgage interest, rendering a house purchase even more financially taxing than it was before. As Colorado’s average house price rises to the $350,000s, it gets harder and harder to rationalize spending that kind of money. If you already have and find yourself in a tough spot, there’s not much you can do but sell that house. An all-cash buyer might be the preferred option for you if your time window is small and stress-inducing.


Like the above situations, divorce is an extremely stressful and taxing period of time. Depending on how the couple decides to split the assets, the house may need to be liquidated. Rather than wade through listings, realtors, offers, and then paying closing costs, try going through an all-cash selling company instead. Divorces are long and painful. There’s no reason to draw it out for a longer period of time while trying to sell a house. Contact Colorado All Cash to relieve your unnecessary stress today!

In the future, we’ll lay out more of the reasons why you might need a quick sale rather than the long, drawn-out sale of a house that is common practice. If you’ve suffered any of these circumstances, then don’t fret about selling off this cumbersome property, let Colorado All Cash’s home buyers offer you a 24-hour offer and get this item checked off the list. Contact us if you have any questions about fast selling your Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley house.