When you’ve only just decided to sell a house there can be so many surprises waiting for you. If you don’t have the money to perform certain repairs, you’ll be cutting out huge portions of profit from the sale of the house and putting money into an unwanted property never makes sense. Sometimes, it can be easier to just classify a property as an ugly house and call it a day. This is especially true if you’re as worried about the inevitable housing bubble pop that is due for the entirety of Northern Colorado. If the inspector finds any combination of the following needed repairs, consider contacting Colorado All Cash so you won’t have to worry about breaking even when you sell your ugly house.

Does Your Ugly House Need Water Heater Repairs?

You won’t need a house inspector to puzzle this one out. If you try out the water and can’t get anything above room temperature from the faucet, it might be time to invest in a new water heater. Water heaters that are 10 to 15 years old are better off just being replaced, but if it’s less than that maybe look into a repair. However, that won’t guarantee that it won’t break the bank. Water heater repair and replacement can cost nearly $1,400 in some cases. That might not seem like much on its own but the investment of time and money, if it’s combined with another issue, could make your life much harder than necessary.

Does Your Unwanted Property Need Electrical Replacements?

If for any reason you find out that your ugly house needs electrical work don’t try to do it yourself. This is not the equivalent of a DIY yard work project, it’s the sort of DIY project where you could potentially find out what it feels like to get struck by lightning. Cautioning obligations aside, your electrical issues could come in the form of not working light fixtures, home generators that are dropping out, as well as issues with the electrical panels, wiring and switches, outlets, fans, and even smart home automation systems. Whatever the electrician quotes you might be a pretty scary number, but if you don’t repair it, it’s unlikely that you’ll get your asking price or be able to sell the house.

Is Your Ugly House For Sale Plagued With Asbestos?

If you inherited this unwanted house, it’s not unlikely that you have asbestos lurking within the home. Pretty much all of the houses built before the 70s are afflicted and what’s worse is that it causes cancer. It’s pretty essential to get it removed and the cost of that can ring up around $4500.

Does The Driveway Need A Facelift?

Curb appeal is actually a major portion of selling a house, mostly because lots of people do judge a book by its cover. If your driveway is noticeably in need of a leveling or at the very least in need of a little repair, it can be a good idea to get that repaired as people will see it as a concerning detail for the shape of the entire house. If it’s sinking or the cement is buckling you might consider replacing the whole thing, but if it’s only some cracks and crumbling you’re probably safe with a repair. Depending on the type of driveway, the price for repair and replacement can range between $300 and $4500.

Roofing Repairs Are Key to Selling Your House

There’s a reason that when people decide to sell a house, they get the roof repaired. It’s one of the major selling points that home buyers love to hear. However, that’s because you’re taking the possible liability off of their hands. Chances are if they’re buying a used house, there could be roofing problems lying in wait for them a year down the line that will spoil all of the new-home buyer fun. That update for your home does come with at least a $5000 price tag that can range to upwards of $25,000 which really isn’t in the budget for most folks.

Contact Colorado All Cash to Sell Your Ugly House

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