Sandy’s Video Testimonial

Why did you need to sell your house?

Well it was time. It was time to move into a place that was less maintenance. It was too much space, so I wanted to move into an apartment.

Why did you choose Colorado All Cash?

Well, very honestly, I saw your website and you folks were the first to call me back!

Was there anything about this process that you were uncomfortable with?

No. I’d have to say no. Everyone was very helpful and it was very smooth.

Was there anything we could have done to make the process easier?

No, not a thing. I can’t think of a single thing.

What do you plan to spend your new cash on?

Well, I do have some bills to pay off and I’m going to help my son with a down payment on his new car, because he single-handedly moved me, so I think he deserves that!

How has this positively impacted your life?

Well, I’m not going to have all the maintenance I had before. I have a lovely new place that has all kinds of amenities, and I have good memories form my house! It was, ya know, a good 25 years. So I would say the whole thing is very positive.

How would you describe our customer service, communication, & timeliness?

I would say very good! I would highly recommend the company to somebody else who is interested in doing the same thing!

What would you say to other people interested in selling a house to us?

I would definitely say for them to check it out. Yeah! I think everybody was very professional and, ya know, very timely and very nice!