Mikel’s Video Testimonial

Mikel was behind on his mortgage payments, but instead of letting the home go to foreclosure and ruining his credit, he sold his house to Colorado All Cash. He got to leave his worries behind and walk away with a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars! Talk about relief!

Why did you need to sell your house?

I needed to sell my house because I was going through foreclosure and having the money quick and easy was the best option for me.

Why did you choose Colorado All Cash?

I felt like it was a company I could trust!

Was there any part of the experience you didn’t like?

Seemed like it was pretty easy and straightforward. It lasted exactly a week.

What do you plan to spend all your new cash on?!

Just saving it actually. Maybe paying off a car.

How would you describe our customer service, communication & timeliness?

The communication was awesome and the timeliness was great! I would recommend, if anything, for someone else to do this same thing as well.

What would you say to other people interested in selling a house to us?

I’d say a lot of great things and I would really recommend giving them a shot!

Get a cash offer on your house today! No listings. No realtors. No stress.