Arthur’s Video Testimonial

Why did you need to sell your house?

My mom passed away and my dad has dementia, so he was no longer able to stay at the house.

Why did you choose Colorado All Cash?

You were a cash buyer! Figured I couldn’t go wrong there.

Was there any part of the experience you didn’t like?

No, it was real straightforward for us.

What do you plan to spend all your new cash on!?

I’ll be taking care of dad!

How has this positively impacted your life?

It’s just allowed us to get the funds from the house, which is the equity from my mom and dad, and take care of them properly.

How would you describe our customer service, communication & timeliness?

Everything’s been super! No problems whatsoever.

What would you say to other people interested in selling a house to us?

Definitely good people to work with!

Get a cash offer on your house TODAY!

Sheila needed to sell her house quickly to get out of a bad situation. We were able to close in 10 days, and we are so happy to have been able to help Sheila move towards a better life! This is the best part of the job!