Experiencing a death in the family can aggravate familial relationships and cause strife throughout your whole family. The question of who is inheriting the engagement ring, the house, the bedroom set, it’s not just overwhelming it’s depressing and stressful to boot. The last thing you need to worry about at this point is how you can liquidate the inherited unwanted property and distribute it among all of the people in the will, but that’s what you have to do. Instead of grieving and using your time off from work to ensure that your self-care is taken care of, you need to ensure that everything is all sewn up. What if there were an easier way to appease everyone in the family tree and get the money for the inherited property?

First, Outline The Emotional Obstacles

A death is an earth-shattering change to your life and it will seem like every step of the grieving process is one long, unchecked stage of events that is more heart wrenching than the next. Figuring out what to do with their property is only one of the many steps you’ll need to take to finally be able to step away from the estate planning demands and take a breath. The first step to getting ready to unload your unwanted property is organizing a time when everyone who is included in the will can come around and pick up the items they need. Whether they were willed those items, or they are left to be picked up and chosen by the members of the family. Before you begin this process, it’s best to get a list of things from everyone that they’re particularly attached to and that they are counting on having available to them. That way you can set everything aside to host an estate sale with the personal belongings of the departed individual. This ensures that you can clean out the unwanted property in a timely manner without stepping on any toes and hurting any already raw feelings.

Make Sure You Hold Legal Responsibility

Before proceeding after cleaning that house our, ensure that you have the legal responsibility as the executor of the will, or if you’re in a similar position before you start attempting to sell the property. You’ll need to wait for the estate to go through probate as well, and ensure that the property is not in a trust any longer. In situations where you inherited the property with a sibling or another person, there will be someone who has more authority over how the real estate transactions are to be handled.  One person will have the deciding vote in the way a will is structured no matter how even it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, that means that whoever is the deciding vote will have to make hard decisions in regard to the inherited property. This is particularly difficult at such a grievous and complicated time in life.

Contact Colorado All Cash Instead

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