Houses are as tenuous of an investment as stock market investments. Sometimes, they’re even equally predictable with the stocks fluctuating due to apparently nothing and your house’s value relying at times entirely on the whims of nature. If you’ve lived in Fort Collins or even the broader Northern Colorado area for the last 10 years, you’re at least somewhat acquainted with flood procedures and potentially intimately acquainted with what happens after a flood. In short, it’s a mess and long-term, it can be more than just a hassle. In fact, they can be downright debilitating.

What Should You Do When You Get Flood Damage?

First, find out if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage. There are two types of insurance, one that covers flood damage and one that covers water damage. Flood damage will not be covered under regular home insurance. If you live in an area that is deemed likely to flood, you probably have insurance for flood damage through the National Flood Insurance Policy. When you file your claim you’ll have to specify whether a water pipe burst or your house was flooded, which should be an easy determination, before you file with each insurance group.

Not All Your Water Damage Will Be Covered

It’s important to note this fact. There will be a significant amount of the repairs coming out of your pocket. Look over your insurance policy and try to find any exclusions in regard to water damage. Many insurance policies will exclude the slow progress water damage like leaks that suddenly became a huge issue and other unexpected water damage claims.

What Happens If Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover the Water Damage?

If this sort of damage isn’t covered, you’re looking at a huge out-of-pocket expense to repair this issue. Depending on the size and how long the water damage has gone unaddressed the bigger the bill will be. Sometimes, it might be less expensive to cut your losses.

Get Out Of a Bad Investment

When the housing market crashed and the Great Recession swung into full force, the rich weren’t concerned. Not because they didn’t have anything to lose, but because they were willing to get out of their bad investments and wait out the storm. There’s a reason that their money seems to miraculously dodge all of the disasters that happen to our economy, it’s because they’re not afraid to leave when they think the party is about over. If you don’t want to spend the money and sink it into an investment that you’re not totally committed to, look to Colorado All Cash

Sell Your House For All Cash

Would you rather have an all cash offer on your house rather than a bid from a water damage company? Would you rather have more bills and hassle or a considerable check going into your bank account as you walk away from the fire? We think the answer should be pretty straightforward.

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