We Buy Houses With Foundation Issues.

We purchase houses for cash, as-is, in any condition. Things like cracks in walls or doors that won’t close properly are signs of potential foundation problems. Foundation issues that are not repaired quickly can lead to irreparable damage, as well as structures that are unsafe. Even though the signs of a broken foundation may seem relatively minor, foundation repair can actually cost tens of thousands of dollars. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get and the more costly it is to repair. Foundation repairs can scare off potential buyers, and rarely will a lender allow for financing when there are major repairs to be done. Many sellers report that foundation repair costs are the number one factor that prevents them from selling their home. Most home buyers are terrified of purchasing a home once they learn that is has a structural or foundation issue.  Our goal is to help get you out from under the property that you no longer want by making a fair cash offer for your house. If you want to avoid all the time and delays associated with putting a house on the market, we can help by buying hassle free and without the headaches of appraisals.

What Can You Do With A House That Has Foundation Issues?

We wouldn’t wish foundation problems on anyone. Most folks will go on without a care, unknowing of the foundation, lurking beneath their feet that is growing more, and more corrupt with time. In fact, hardly anyone knows about this major issue until they give the go-ahead to a potential buyer to let an inspection of the property take place. Upon the inspector sleuthing out their foundation issues, the owner of the home is just as surprised as everyone else involved. If that happens to you, what are you supposed to do? How would you even prevent something so embarrassing from happening? There are a few indications of foundation issues that would allow you to head off the inspector finding the sign of foundation issues before you do, but there’s very little you can do about these issues once they’ve established themselves.

Don’t Fret Unevenness, But Be Wary

Over time, the house is bound to settle, and sometimes, that’s actually not for the better. However, there is a slew of warning signs that point to multiple issues with your foundation coming down the line. If you see cracks appearing in the walls, especially over the doorways and windows or where the ceiling meets wall, you have cause for worry. In another instance, if you see cracks in your concrete flooring, your vinyl or ceramic tiles you have cause to worry. In the same regard, you might start second-guessing the integrity of your foundation if you start to have trouble opening and closing windows and door jams that are beginning to jam or failing to latch.

What’s Next?

Searching the foundation for actual signs of these issues you think it might be having. These will often start to near the corners. You can tell first by glimpsing if the foundation is straight at the corners by sighting down the length of the foundation wall. You can check for leaning walls with a level and you can mostly determine if it’s basically straight from looking at the exterior of your home. If you can see a bulge or curve in any of the foundation or the concrete you likely have a pretty serious foundation issue.

Turn to Colorado All Cash

We understand the stress that comes with finding out that your house has foundation issues. In fact, those kinds of issues can easily turn a home into an unwanted property. In this scenario, you might consider looking for all cash offer and jumping ship. There’s no reason to wait on board when you know your home won’t sell without putting so much money into repairs that you won’t see any sort of ROI on. Instead, turn to the NoCo home buyers in your area: Colorado All Cash. We can offer you a cash offer within 24 hours and get you out of a bad investment quickly.