Colorado All Cash knows about the articles that caution you against selling to an all-cash home buyer. But those articles don’t factor in the sheer costs of trying to sell a house. There’s paying a realtor, signing them on with a contract, as well as paying an inspector to tell you what’s wrong with the property and then investing in the repairs to fix it for a new buyer. In fact, the cost of selling an unwanted house can be so much more than it’s worth. As we all know, the largest investment you’ll put into selling a home is time, which is always your most valuable resource.

Luckily, Colorado All Cash reaches Cheyenne, Longmont, Greeley, Fort Collins and the rest of the Northern Colorado corridor and can offer reasonable cash offers for unwanted properties. So if you’re trying to sell a house that needs repairs, we’re a pretty good bet.

Why We Buy Unwanted Properties

In short, it’s a rewarding experience to help people. As an all-cash home buyer in the Colorado corridor, we get to make so many situations right for people. From rescuing folks about to foreclose to taking over a house with a bad foundation, we get to help people get out of bad investments and then salvage those with our resources of expertise and the cash to fix these trifles that add up in this highly competitive housing market.

The Trouble With Remodeling

Mainly, the trouble with remodeling to fit the standards of the numerous Northern Colorado home shoppers and buyers is money. Whether you’ve inherited a home in need of many repairs or nearly placed it on the market before you found out about several costly repairs, we can sympathize. Beyond the money, repairs will require a huge time investment on your part, even if you hire contractors. You may get some of your money back, depending on your asking price, the realtor fees and the rest of the expenses after they pile up, but you won’t ever get your time back. Spare yourself the calculations and figuring how much per hour you deserve for your precious time and how much everyone deserves for their time and services. The main let down will be prettying up a house with money you didn’t think you’d have to spend for a place you won’t be living any longer and then trying to sell your hard work to someone else. Colorado All Cash has the resources in skill and money to invest into making the house a worthy property without making the project your problem.

You’ll Probably Lose Money

If you intend to bend and twist for all of the trends that home buyers want in their houses before they put down their cash, you probably won’t come out on top. It’s difficult to meet those expectations on a budget.You’ll have to invest in the actual repairs like removing mold as well as fixing fire or water damage and then staging the property and make it look like an attractive buy for someone off the street that your realtor courted for you. Don’t subject yourself to stress that you don’t need to have in your life, contact an all-cash home buyer.

Sell Your Unwanted Property to Colorado All Cash

Looking for a way to get rid of a property you no longer need or want? Major and minor repairs are no problem for us and won’t sway our all-cash offer one way or another. We’re happy to take the house off your hands. Reach out to us to receive your all-cash offer.