Intimidated By Probate Sales?

Don’t be. While selling a house during the probate process isn’t the easiest task, it’s certainly not impossible, and it’s often the only way to alleviate the stress of a probate proceeding anyway. Probate is notoriously sticky and unpleasant. It only occurs when the deceased individual did not have a will to protect the heir to their estate, and so it falls on the courts to determine both an executor and heir to the estate and straighten out the misunderstood portions of the will. Likely, this will result in a sale of the property anyway, especially if there are multiple people mentioned in the will. Selling a property is often the easiest way to split the proceeds of a will properly.

Probate Is Long. Do You Want To Wait?

It’ll start with the state attempting to appoint an executor and then the family will be asked to essentially elect a relative that the court can appoint once it’s been determined the will is valid. This entire time, you and the rest of your family will likely be paying the probate costs which are not cheap. Probate alone is known to consume at least 6-10 percent of the deceased’s estate. Circumstances that the court stumbles upon like the lack of a will or people contesting certain parts of the will.

If your primary objective is to speed up the probate proceedings, Colorado All Cash specifically arranges to make the entire process easier. We work one-on-one with an experienced probate lawyer on your behalf so that you don’t have to hire one when the estate goes into probate. We’d rather help you avoid the fiasco all together and skip to the part where you get your inheritence.

What Should You Do While In Probate?

If your property is currently in probate, as the executor of the will, you are free to sell the real estate assets held by the deceased. As long as the property was not specifically willed to the beneficiary of the will, you could sell the property for all cash to Colorado All Cash to ensure the charges for the probate procedure are paid in full without encroaching on the other assets of the estate.

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