Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have To Leave a Hole in Your Finances

When you get a new assignment, it often means moving. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to sew up your life in your previous location without any loose strings. In fact, constantly relocating has to be one of the most taxing portions of the occupation, but it doesn’t have to be. Colorado All Cash is here to ensure that you have options for your real estate investment. We’re here to help get you get the most out of your property so that you can continue to prosper, even if you don’t have the time and money to invest in staging, renovating and waiting on a sale to go through.

Become a Landlord

If you think the renter’s market in your area is rich enough to support your home’s mortgage for some time, rental could be a persuasive option for you. It takes little preparation and you can find lease agreements that are pretty airtight on the internet when you’re in a pinch. If you can find a renter fast enough ( a pretty big “if”) you could rent the place out for some time. Though it’s important to remember the woes of long-distance landlords and realize you’ll likely have to pay a monthly fee for a property manager in case the water heater in the house breaks in the middle of the night and you can’t do anything because you’re in an entirely different state (or country).

Sell Your House For Cash

Northern Colorado’s housing market is slowing down. Just browse Zillow and watch the prices drop from week to week as properties linger on the market even longer. Don’t leave your financial health up to chance. Remove yourself from your current investment with finesse. Receive a full, cash payment for your property from Colorado All Cash Now.