1. Repair Bills Can Make A Profitable Property into an Unwanted, Ugly House

    When you’ve only just decided to sell a house there can be so many surprises waiting for you. If you don’t have the money to perform certain repairs, you’ll be cutting out huge portions of profit from the sale of the house and putting money into an unwanted property never makes sense. Sometimes, it can be easier to just classify a property as an ugly house and call it a day. This is especial…Read More

  2. Why Not To Rent Out Your Unwanted Property Part 3

    When people are suddenly forced to shoulder the burden of an unwanted property or house, they often turn to renting it out as the solution. After all, it’s allowing someone to pay the costs of living there and it prevents the property from just sitting there, dormant. However, before folks set out to pursue this course, they should note that there’s quite a bit more to being a landlord. If you…Read More

  3. Why Not To Rent Out Your Unwanted Property Part 2

    In our last blog entry, we discussed the finer points of investment rules that apply to real estate investments. When you’re saddled with an unwanted property, it can seem like the best decision to try and turn a profit by renting it out. However, renting out an unwanted property can quickly become treacherous for the homeowner. There are loads of hidden costs in the renting process that rack up…Read More

  4. How To Sell Your House By Owner: Real Estate Agent Or Self-List

    When it comes to selling your house, there are two main choices you have – list your home with a real estate agent or sell it yourself.  There are many reasons why the best option to sell your house is by listing it on the market through a real estate agent, but it can come with some negative side effects too. The other option is to sell your house yourself to a company that pays cash for house…Read More

  5. Welcome to Colorado All Cash

    We know it’s unusual for a cash for houses business to host a blog, but we think of it as another outlet for us to offer up the calculated rhetoric of why we’re the best. Our blog will be everything from guides to selling your house and beyond. Our goal is to cover as much useful information for our customers as we can so that when we can’t verbally provide these insights, they can still fin…Read More